Make me alive

DANDY DEEJAY —  2020 / 1 Tracks / Meeze

DANDY DEEJAY released track “Make me alive”. On this page you can listen and buy a song.

  • Compositor: DANDY DEEJAY
  • Producer: DANDY DEEJAY
  • Label: MEEZE


Lure me away from the city lights.
Make me stay, undress the lies.
Give me a reason, open my eyes.
Entice my mind, tell me why, make me alive.

Chase me down, explain me how.
Let me know it’s here and now
when I turn my life around.
Break me out, I’m not alone, you make me alive.

Make me alive.
Find me.

Bring me the peace I seek inside.
Dig out the dirt I try to hide.
Thrill me tonight, bring me a smile.
Promise me land, promise me skies, turn the tide.
Strip me of all the doubt and fear.
Tell me again loud and clear
you’re here to pull me to the surface.
How long does it take for you to arrive?

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